Iron Wings

is a comprehensive collection of 31 3D-modeled airplanes used by the Romanian Royal Air Forces in the Second World War. The airplanes are highly detailed and historically accurate, based on original documents and photos from the era.

Axis’s third Air Force, Fourth Force of the Allies

Romania entered Second World War on June 22nd, 1941, as an allied of the German forces.

On this day, Aviator Gheorghe Jienescu, General of the Romanian Air Squad transmitted his 1st order to the Romanian Air Forces:

"Flying personnel, the honor of carrying to victory, on the sky of Romanian people, the tricolor cockade, belongs to you. The order of the day is: the crew that runs out of ammunition and in the clash does not see victory, is crashing with the plane in the enemy bird. Young airmen: the entire country is expecting the supreme sacrifice from you; the day has come for great deeds; make our actions worthy of legend. You did it at peace, I am confidant you will also do it without hesitation at war, to be worthy of the trust the King, our Leader and the Motherland always had in you. Young airmen: the horns are calling and the woods resounding, the sky is rumbling; in the sound of engines, the song of nation, to arms, to controls, with God forward!"

At that time, the FARR (Romanian Royal Air Force) counted 50 air squadrons (6 for liaison, 1 transport, 1 sanitary, 3 reconnaissance, 15 bombardment, 17 fighters, 7 information) and 2 seaplane squadrons.

These squadrons summed up to 621 operational airplanes (not including the 440 training airplanes).
On June 22nd 1941, the GAL (The Operative Fighting Group) included 253 airplanes, 208 crews.

Although in numerical inferiority (sometimes even 5:1) the Romanian Air Force gained and maintained air supremacy against the Soviet forces during all of the 1941 campaign.
From August 24th to October 25th 1944 the Romanian Aeronautics contributed to the liberation of the national territory (as allies of the Soviets) - the first phase engaged 27 squadrons, 243 aircrafts and 262 crews.

After the War, the Peace Treaty signed by Romania in Paris on the 10th of February 1947 imposed very harsh conditions for the Romanian Aeronautics, almost disbanding it. Strict limitations were imposed: a maximum of 150 airplanes (100 military, 50 for training); banning of all kinds of bombers, jets; the aeronautic industry was shut down. Most airplanes were scrapped and many pilots were persecuted for fighting against the Soviets (despite fulfilling their orders).

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